Borrow a bartender Franchising Program - Be your own boss!

Borrow a Bartender is a home-based business that, as a franchise, will offer the option of a store-front rental office.   Created by Joseph Janusz in 2003, the business aligns bartenders, servers and portable bars for special events and parties providing clients in the hotel and hospitality industries with reliable staffing solutions.  The staffing professionals at Borrow a Bartender experience in the hospitality and staffing industries and make it their goal to provide their clients premier customer satisfaction.

A small location is all that is necessary as all of the jobs are on location. To run the office, a franchisee would need a high speed internet connection with one to two computers, a cell phone, and the desire and commitment to follow directions and to eagerly grow the business. Borrow a Bartender has a computer system ( that allows oversight of the operations in Atlanta as well as any new franchises that are sold. It gives the parent company an advantage by keeping track of the financials and managing the business from afar. The operation is almost entirely virtual; the franchisee can work comfortably from home without any affect on his ability to market or sell the business services.

Classroom training will be available to franchisees at a designated location. A great deal of franchisee success will come from their ability to market and sell the Borrow A Bartender services. If they come from a background of aggressive cold calling and sales, they will have the experience necessary to be a successful Borrow A Bartender franchise. It is critical that someone be comfortable to walk into a prospects location and make an introduction.

As a franchisee starts to build clients, the number of staff members will need to increase. The new hires will begin to come as referrals from their existing employee base. When the franchisee first starts, they may find it cost effective and efficient to use Craigslist.

Borrow A Bartender Franchising - Own your own business today!

Anything the customer needs in those areas is fair game. In the case of a VIP client, Borrow A Bartender can submit to special requests.

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